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About Us

Growing up on the southern side of Buzaaya county, one of the local communities in the eastern region of Uganda, life in this part of the country side was not good enough to face. It was grappled with various difficulties and uncertainties of poor education, lack of access to quality health services among others. Jude wouldn't imagine that at one time, he would be a life changer, reviving dreams and rekindling embers of hope. Born in the community, Jude’s family struggled right from a roof over the head to food on the table. Life was never easy and he faced it. he prayed, stood amidst every challenge and finally, his school hosted missionaries for four months. During this time, they were preaching and teaching us. Jude interacted and his relationship grew stronger and they were convinced by his performance and took up the payment of his tuition. This came as a beacon of hope. Jude did his best throughout his stay in primary and his sponsorship was extended up to secondary where he excelled too. All this time, Jude’s mind went back to those who couldn't land on such a chance. Those who have never ever even seen the inside of a classroom. How would they be helped just the way his dreams can to live? The solution was himself (Jude). He was an opportunity to those who never had a chance. Busano Community Initiative-Uganda was conceived out of this faith that many just like him (Jude), could get the same opportunity so that they can as well attain education, health, and social justice to ensure a better holistic standard of life.


Enacting change, impacting generations

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A better world through education and equality


To have a just and loving society where children are endowed

With self esteem, respected, responsible, disciplined and productive.

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