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We are currently seeking support for our preschool for a limited period of time. Currently one of the most pressing problems at our school is feeding and wages/salaries for workers. Most of the children at our school being orphans, needy and disadvantaged children, they attain free education and this leaves the school with only private learners who pay a subsidized cost to attain education but this is not sufficient to cater for salaries and feeding of the whole school community. You can support the pre-school with a monthly donation of $120 which is already full salary for a teacher at our school.

Also, our school is in rented premises and plans for relocation are under way. You may need to support us in our efforts to buy land and relocate our school to be free from monthly rent burden and this relocation will enable us to create an even better conducive study environment for the children and increased capacity. For a one-time donation towards efforts of this initiative, you can get in touch through our contacts under the contact us WhatsApp link or even send us an email for guidance on how to go over this.

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